CeX will never request via unsolicited email or text message for any payment or personal information in return for goods in transit or in CeX custody. If you receive any of these or similar communications, do not reply or cooperate with the sender. Please email us via the support page of our website here. If your interaction with the sender resulted in financial loss, you should contact your bank immediately regarding the matter.

If you receive any text message purporting to be from CeX, ranging from voucher offers to any sale promotions, please be aware that we do NOT use text messaging to contact customers for any general communication or marketing purposes.

To help protect you, here are some common signs of Email, Text or Online Scams:-
- Unexpected requests for money via text or email in return for delivery of a package in transit, often with a sense of urgency.
- Text messages claiming to be from CeX that you have won a free voucher/gift card.
- Links to misspelt or slightly altered CeX/courier website addresses.