Want to pick something up from your local store rather than waiting for delivery? Passing by a CeX store and know there's something you're itching to get your hands on? We now offer a Click & Collect service to solve these very problems!

Whilst browsing WeBuy.com, you're able to see the stock levels of each and every item in all of our stores! By entering your postcode, you'll be able to see which store(s) nearby have the item in stock, and just how many of them they have!

Once you've decided which store you'd like to collect your item from, simply click the Click & Collect button next to the store name!

Once you click the Click & Collect button, you'll need to provide us with a couple of details in order for us to confirm your order and keep you posted on when you can collect your goods.

You'll need to have a valid IE phone number and provide us with your email address to confirm your Click & Collect request, and let you know when it's ready to pick up!

*Please note that if you do not provide a valid email address we will not be able to process your order.

While you're here, you can also take a second to double check the store you've chosen to collect from!

Happy with the details you've provided? Great! Click the Click & Collect button and your request will be sent to your chosen store, who will get your item set aside for you shortly. All you need to do now is wait for your emails to ping, letting you know the store is ready and waiting for you.

Make sure you keep a note of your Request Number!

You'll also have an email like below, which you'll need a copy of to let the store know that the item they set aside was for you. We don't want someone else getting their pesky hands on it now, do we!?

We'll hold the item for 24 hours from when we contact you, after which we will have to put the item back up for grabs!