In light of the current national situation surrounding covid-19, customer warranty periods were frozen whilst our stores were closed. During this period, we did not count the days stores were closed towards anyone’s warranty, so if your warranty expired during this time, you are still be able to return the item within 14 days of stores reopening.

As of 21/05/2020 some Republic of Ireland stores have reopened (for a full list of open stores and their opening times click here). As a result the warranty period is no longer frozen.

Warranty Returns:

We made the decision to freeze all CeX warranty periods during the time our stores were closed, so as to cover any goods with soon to expire warranties, however as of 21/05/2020, a number of CeX stores have now reopened and warranty periods have resumed.

Any faulty goods whose warranty expired during the closure of our stores, can be returned to us via your nearest open store, or via post by 04/06/2020.

Unwanted Returns:

Any unwanted item(s) you received prior to or during the closure of our stores can now be returned to your nearest open store within the next 14 days (by 04/06/2020), providing that you had previously notified us in writing as wishing to return as unwanted within 14 days of receipt.

Alternatively you are still able to return these items to us via post, within the above stated timeframe.

For full details on how to return an order via post, click here.